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EventListener Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
listener::EventThe event base class
listener::EventFilterClass which is responsible of filtering events
listener::EventFilteringHelper filter class to register for a certain types of events only. This class is a parametrisable EventFilter
listener::EventRecorderAn event recorder
listener::ListenerClass which is responsible of listening to events
listener::ListenerForEvent< EVENT >Listener class for only one special Event of type EVENT
listener::MultiplexerListenerThe MultiplexerListener allows to create Event classes, without their corresponding Listener. Its usage simplify the use of Events and the connection to the Subscriber. The Subscriber only has to create methods taking a special Event type as pointer parameter, and to connect them using this class
listener::PublisherClass which is responsible of publishing events
listener::SubscriberClass which is responsible of subscribing to a publisher in order to receives events by using Listeners

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